"You'll Be Treated Professionally At
All Times... Because You Deserve To Be..."


Appointments and property viewings outside of business hours can be made by special arrangement. Our office specialises in property management. We service all areas of the Gold Coast, although we specialise predominately in the northern suburbs of the Gold Coast and in particular Upper Coomera, Coomera, Pacific Pines, Pimpama, Ormeau, Helensvale & Oxenford.

To provide you with some background information, Coomera Property Management is owned by Warren Cavanagh, who takes great pride in conducting a personal ‘hands-on’ approach to his business. And to make it even better, Warren treats his landlord’s properties as though they're his own, making the effort to get to know the properties we manage thoroughly. Coomera Property Management is an established business which set up operations over 17 years ago.

Our goal is NOT to be the biggest property management office in our area. Our personal and business goal is to be the BEST property management who provides you with a personal and rewarding experience at all times. Clients have told us that we always treat them with respect and trust, and do whatever it takes to make them feel secure and comfortable at all times.


  • At Coomera Property Management, we're not too big (or too little) to give your property the meticulous attention it needs and deserves.
  • You only ever deal with us, the licensee and owner. You'll deal with us directly, without a middle man getting paid a commission. We handle all of your property management needs seamlessly for you. Unlike large franchise offices, we don't have high staff turnovers, because we're solely owner operated and we know each and every one of our clients on a personal level.
  • Our office is available outside of traditional "business office hours" 7 days a week. This means we'll make arrangements to show available properties at times and days which suit busy prospective tenants. Busy prospective tenants who can't leave work to view available rentals within the traditional 9am to 5pm time bracket. This also means we can be contacted to take care of emergency situations regarding your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We also keep costs to a minimum, as we don't have the same overhead costs of a franchise office shop front. Long gone are the days of having to call into real estate shops. We live in technology driven times, where 99.9% of clients search the internet when looking for an agent, and tenants use major real estate portals to locate a suitable rental property which meet their needs. Our office advertises rental properties through a minimum of 10 internet portals including the two big major ones being realestate.com.au and domain.com.au.
  • We're also extremely proud to say that many of our clients (both Landlords and Tenants) have made a high level of great reviews from across several internet portals - Google, True Local as well as our Facebook business page to name just a few.
  • But why just take our word for it? Most real estate offices and agents have unverifiable testimonials on their websites simply stating something similar to "Ross and Rachel - Investment Property Owners / Upper Coomera". They're not prepared to go a step further like we're prepared to do for you at Coomera Property Management. We can provide you with 2 or 3 names and contact numbers of real clients who you can talk to first hand, to ascertain they are in fact clients, and be able to ask them any questions you want to verify for yourself exactly the type of service that we provide.
  • We chose to primarily operate in property management, however we do hold a fully comprehensive real estate licence and can also assist with listing your property for sale when you decide the time is right for you to sell.
  • Although as we choose to specialise specifically in property management, our clients can be fully assured that their investment properties are being comprehensively cared for in either instance, as we devote the same time and energy wherever our clients specifically require us to direct our attention.
  • Being landlords ourselves, we completely understand your investment property is an extremely valuable asset, and we fully appreciate it needs to be professionally and carefully managed. We also understand it needs to be fully maintained with regards to prompt and professional repairs and maintenance on an on-going basis, to ensure it remains that way.
  • Our office adopts a proactive hands-on management approach, conducting regular routine inspections and provides you with a detailed report and extensive photos.
  • Our standard tenancy lease agreement forms contain a minimum of between 30 to 50 special conditions in addition to normal tenancy law. The number of clauses actually used in each tenancy lease agreement can vary, as it depends on the individual property's age, location, features and also any specific Landlord requests. We include these additional clauses, in an effort to ensure our Landlords' best interests are as comprehensively covered as much as possible, as well as to eliminate any misconception or ambiguity from a tenants perspective.

These are just a few examples of our services and points of difference, but we firmly believe that it's this direct personal meticulous attention which clearly sets us aside from other agents and/or agencies.

Personally, we've found the majority of the larger franchise real estate agents are not prepared (nor willing) to go the extra mile in the service which they provide. Unfortunately for their clients, they only see their office "rental pool" as a potential sale and the $ commission they intend/hope to stand to make.

They can also have a very high turnover of property management staff, which can be frustrating for their clients (being both tenants and landlords alike) and as their property management staff can often manage a lot of properties themselves individually this makes properties, and people, just become a number and not a tangible person or house. This type of service removes the personal friendly element and good old fashioned service that we firmly believe in.


Not happy with your current agent?
Fed up trying to get hold of them or hear back from them?  We understand this and hear it all the time!

Are you constantly frustrated every time you ring, it's a different person managing your property who has no idea who your tenants are or what repairs are needed?

Most landlords are under the false impression that it's "all too difficult" to change agencies. When in truth, it's not. Your current agent won't tell you otherwise, but really the process is surprisingly very simple.

All you need to do is sign a form terminating your current agent (which we can provide to you) as well as signing the paperwork appointing our office as your new agency. Then we deal with them directly. We liaise and collect all relevant documents, keys and information regarding your property.

You never even have to speak with them ever again if you don't want to. We handle it all. Simple and stress free. Because we care about you at all times.