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Ending your Agreement

Your Residential Tenancy Agreement is a legal and binding contract, providing protection for both you and the Landlord. You can terminate the Residential Tenancy Agreement in the following ways:

If you intend to vacate at the end of your Residential Tenancy Agreement you are required to give our office fourteen (14) days written notice prior to the expiry of the fixed term of your Agreement.

If however, unforseen circumstances arise and you have to vacate prior to the expiration of your Residential Tenancy Agreement, please contact our office immediately. There is paperwork you will need to complete and sign. Our office will then begin the process of advertising the property for re-rental.

However, you will still be responsible for rent until another tenant formally signs a new lease or until your current lease expires, whichever occurs first. Additionally you are responsible for payment of a lease termination/breaking fee and all relevant advertising costs.

For further information regarding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, ask us for a copy of "Renting A Home". Alternatively copies of this booklet are available from most Australia Post Office outlets or directly from The Residential Tenancies Authority (Phone 1300 366 311) or online at their website

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