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Handing Out Keys

At Coomera Property Management we are one of the few agencies operating in the Gold Coast area that has a strict policy of not handing out keys to prospective tenants or to repairmen/ contractors.

We ALWAYS personally escort all prospective tenants and all repairmen / contractors and we remain with them at all times whilst they are on your property. We ALWAYS maintain full security control.

Even if a landlord or a tenant were to give us permission to hand out keys, we would NEVER do it.

When we refuse to hand out keys to prospective tenants or contractors we are not only protecting the landlord - but also any existing tenants as well as any future tenants.keys

While a prospective tenant or repairman / contractor has any unsupervised access to a key to a property that is not theirs they have instant opportunity to make unauthorized, multiple copies of the property keys. The idea that a stranger may be wandering the streets with a key to your home - from the viewpoint of either the landlord or a tenant is a frightening thought.

There's also the very realistic risk of the house not being locked after the inspection / repair or the added danger of appliances being left on.

Did you know - theft from a property where there is no forced entry is not covered under an insurance policy?

This could be theft of the landlord's electrical white-goods, theft of the tenant's personal belongings - or in the worse case scenario entry to the property after the tenant's have moved in by undesirable parties.

As an added measure of security Coomera Property Management will always protect our Landlords and our Tenant's best interests by NEVER handing out keys.

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